In parallel with reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change, the European Union also needs to strengthen its resilience to the inevitable impacts of climate change, now and for the future. Adapting to climate change is the way to do this.

The success of Europe’s adaptation efforts is critically influenced by the action of cities and local authorities. Those major centres of population and infrastructure are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events and other effects of climate change.

Mayors Adapt – the Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation has been set up by the European Commission to engage cities in taking action to adapt to climate change.

Cities signing up to the initiative commit to contributing to the overall aim of the EU Adaptation Strategy by developing a comprehensive local adaptation strategy or integrating adaptation to climate change into relevant existing plans.

Mayors Adapt aims to increase support for local activities, provide a platform for greater engagement and networking by cities, and raise public awareness about adaptation and the measures needed.


March 26th, 2015
Mayors Adapt – Upcoming Events
    Events with the participation of the Mayors Adapt Office Climate Alliance Annual International Conference, 22-25 April 2015 in […]
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March 26th, 2015
Seven new signatories from Italy!
  The number of Italian cities and municipalities participating in the Mayors Adapt initiative is growing further: We welcome seven […]
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March 19th, 2015
Happy Birthday Mayors Adapt!
  Today marks Mayors Adapt’s first birthday! It is exactly one year ago that the former European Commissioner for Climate […]
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