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By communicating themselves about their commitment to action and about the local effects of climate change adaptation, cites can better and authentically showcase their leadership and translate it to their local public. Here a selection of materials is available from the initiative to support cities to do so and to help them in their outreach activities.

Reporting indications for Mayors Adapt Signatories

The Monitoring & Reporting template enables signatories to report on their climate adaptation targets, progress, strategy, risks & vulnerabilities, and actions in a structured, comprehensive manner. It offers a set of graphical displays to help signatories visualise and understand their performance over time. It is accompanied by comprehensive reporting guidelines.

Download the Monitoring & Reporting template in EXCEL format
Download “Mayors Adapt Reporting Guidelines”

Reporting procedure

The Excel-based template must be filled in English. Once completed, it must be submitted via email to – together with the associated (planning) documents available (in English and/or national language).

Reporting requirement

By joining Mayors Adapt, your local authority has formally committed to reporting progress every two years following signing up to the initiative (the reference adhesion date refers to the date of formal approval by the municipal council). The “home” tab of the template shows which parts are compulsory (*) at the different reporting stages.

Note for the signatories due to report in 2016: Due to the delay in publishing the monitoring and reporting template, your original deadline for submitting the Template has been extended until January 2017, providing you with six months to become familiar with the reporting framework and compile the necessary information.

Coming soon

The new reporting template and guidelines will be translated by our services in most of the EU languages. Translated versions will be downloadable from the website library in the next few months.
Although the template is currently only available in an EXCEL format, an online template and online submission process may be proposed at a later stage (in 2017) on the Covenant of Mayors website ( to facilitate reporting for local authorities. Please check the website regularly for more information on the latest developments!


The New Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy – Official Text
Official text outlining the New Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy commitments to be approved by the local authoritiy’ council:

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English (en)
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Q&A for cities about the New Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

For Mayors Adapt Signatories:
Download the Monitoring & Reporting template in EXCEL format
Download “Mayors Adapt Reporting Guidelines”

Background Information
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